Wind Issues : Visual Impacts, Noises, Etc; Are these some of your concerns?

Wind Issues on Visual Impact

Wind issues on visual impact depends on how one sees things.  One person might think wind turbines are eyesores, while another will view them as beautiful and majestic. 

A village or town having historical or scenic values for example: "Tourist attractions," could very well have Wind Issues if wind turbines are placed in the wrong locations.  Placed where they won't interfere, wind systems can become in themselves tourist attractions.


Noise coming from small wind turbines are known to be much louder than bigger ones, and Wind Issues on noise created from turbines that are grid-connected, or stand-alone systems depending on their sizes and designs, are sometimes noisier in high winds.

Some circumstances for noise are power blackouts and full battery-charging systems, though these problems can easily be amended.  Also an increase in wind speed will intensify noise made by trees, by the rustling of leaves, shrubs, and the environment itself with all these sounds masking the noise coming from a small wind turbine.

Residential wind systems (30kW) having few moving parts and not having a high-speed transmission, creates air energy noise from the blades turning through the air, and with higher the wind speed, the more sound the blades will make.  But as with the visual impact issues some people mind the noise, and some don't.

The American Wind Association says there is no reliable evidence that low-frequency sound from wind turbines is a problem, and that most of to-days wind energy systems are manufactured with noise reduction in mind.

Land Value

Another issue is Land Value, but studies done by RENEWABLE ENERGY POLICY PROJECT "The Effect of Wind Development on Local Property Values" insures people that there is no evidence found, that property values depreciate as a result of wind energy farms.

Quite the opposite might be true, because many communities feel that having wind turbines in their neighborhood indicates a caring for the environment by getting clean, pollution free energy.

Even though some people are against tourists and passerby visiting these wind sites, many others appreciate the income it generates, with visitors to these sites often spending money in the communities and surrounding areas.

Birds, Bats, and Wildlife Fatality

Another problem was the fatality of birds, bats, and wildlife, except now there is some evidence in studies done, showing that the mortality of birds and other wildlife have been greatly reduced since scientists and governments have worked together to understand the problems.

One of the solution is proper wind turbine sites, and the Industry's continual involvement.  New wind projects are also being carefully planned so as to make sure minimal harm is done.

I must also mention that some other reasons for bird fatalities are radio towers, tall buildings, airplanes, pollution, cats, vehicles, and many other structures and activities.

Electronic Devices Interference

Electronic devices interference caused by wind turbines was yet another Wind Issue, but the blades from to-days modern wind systems are made from wood, fiberglass, and other materials that is very unlikely to cause any interference to these devices.  No known evidence has been found in studies that have been done to prove otherwise.

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