A Look at Alternative-Global-Energies, Wind, Solar, Hybrids, Geothermal.....

Welcome to Alternative-Global-Energies!  Have you ever had thoughts of maybe changing to energies such as Wind, Solar, Hybrids, Geothermal, Hydropower, etc..?  Any questions about them, what they are, their uses, their benefits, advantages or disadvantages?  Well, I might be able to help with some answers and solutions!


Wind Energy

One of these energies is Wind Energy which is  a very popular resource being used worldwide, and if you worry about pollution there is no need because it's completely clean, climate benign, also cheap, and inexhaustible. Also once  converted into a source of power this energy can be used to generate electricity.

Solar Energy

Solar is another source of  Alternative-Global-Energies that has been steadily gaining popularity with it's many unlimited uses. Powerful rays from the sun creating light and heat can be harnessed to provide cooling, electricity, heating etc: This power source is intermittent, which means that all available output energy must be taken when it's available. 

Hybrids Vehicles

Hybrids are gas powered vehicles with an Electrical Motor Assist, and for the environmentally conscious these vehicles could be the answer.  They are what you would call earth friendly, they have very low engine exhaust emissions and require lower fuel consumption.  I believe they will be the vehicles of the future.

Geothermal Energy

Responsible for the generation of heat and electricity, Geothermal Energy is another alternative power source.  It uses stored heat produced from steam and hot water that is trapped in reservoirs under the surface of the earth, in the form of hot springs and Geysers.  It's power is cost effective, reliable, and a source of clean energy.


Biomass is derived from plant or animal-based organic matter and sources are: animal waste, trees, wood waste and residues, aquatic plants and other organic waste materials.  Bio-energy created by Biomass, can be used directly or indirectly to produce a variety of renewable energies such as electricity and fuels.  It is an extensive sustainable energy resource which someday will meet energy needs in Industry, Transportation, Agriculture, and Residential Heating.

Marine Energy

Marine Energy which is clean, renewable and can be transformed into electricity is another one of the Alternative-Global-Energies.  Even though it is a relatively new form of technology, it's predictable and reliable, and can significantly contribute to the world's energy requirements.  In the near future we are going to hear a lot more on Marine Energy.


One of the oldest energy power on earth is Hydro-Power.  It was used in the olden days by using flowing water which would spin wheels and turbines for grinding grains, irrigation, sawmills, and for many other useful tasks.  Today Hydro-Power is used for electricity accounting for 16% of Global Electrical generation, and it is expecting to increase in the next twenty-five years to 31% each year.

Two basic types of Hydro are: Large-scale and Small-scale.  This alternative energy source is flexible, emission friendly, and low-cost.


Though some people say it's a hoax the effects of Global-Climate-Change on our economy, our health, and our infrastructure are having negative impacts, and are being felt worldwide.

The rise in temperature across the whole planet has nearly doubled since the industrial revolution, and though natural causes are responsible for some global warming, it is mostly human activity that is responsible for the increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

Skeptics will deny there is global warming, but a research showing that 97% or more of actively publishing climate scientists, with their scientific consensus is being endorsed by leading scientific organizations worldwide.  They all agree that global warming trends have occurred over the last century, and that these warming trends are due to human activity.  Alternative-Global-Energies such as Solar, Wind, Hydropower, the use  of  Hybrids Vehicles, Biomass, Geothermal, Marine Energy and other renewable energies, could all have positive effects on Global-Climate Change.



According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Fuel-Cells when using the power of hydrogen with pure water and useful heat as the only byproduct, are pollution free and have twice the efficiency of traditional combustion base technologies.

In remote areas, fuel -cells can be very useful as a backup power generation application, and in rural areas they can be very successful for large-scale energy storage.  They can also be used to power vehicles such as trains, automobiles, buses, forklift trucks, and motorcycles.


Energy-Incentives such as grants and financial incentives are created to help offset energy costs, and they also can encourage people to change from conventional energy systems to clean alternative energy ones.

Grants and financial incentives as rebates, tax incentives, feed-in-tariffs and net metering, all aim to help homeowners, businesses, communities and consumers, to save money and promote renewable energy.

My being very interested in the state of our Global Economy and the Environment, started me doing some research, and this website about Alternative-Global-Energies is the result.  I hope you will find some helpful information and answers to some of your questions, and I will be continuing my discussion on these, and other power resources and their uses.

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